Theme Versions

Calidor 1.3.2 | 03.15.2013

  • Updated theme to support the new Twitter Widget
  • Updated Audio Post for Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Instagram Profile link now directs to Instagram profile instead of Gramfeed profile
  • Set max width on images to keep them inside the body of posts

Calidor 1.3.1 | 02.20.2013

  • Updated the video feature embed to address Tumblr’s recent changes.

Calidor 1.3.0 | 10.02.2012

  • Instagram - Now you can display your recent Instagram feed.
  • Social Icons - Added social icons for Github, Instagram, Quora.
  • Full support for Tumblr’s new video player

Calidor 1.2.1 | 05.09.2012

  • Fixed responsive issues for article images

Calidor 1.2.0 | 04.12.2012

  • Spotify - Added support for the new Spotify player on audio posts.
  • Pinterest - Added Pinterest’s ‘pin it’ button to sharing features.
  • Share Buttons - Updated the Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus share buttons for better performance
  • HTML5 - Changed method for detecting HTML5 compatibility and support for outdated browsers.
  • Minor updates and fixes

Calidor 1.1.0 | 12.15.2011

  • Open Graph - Now when people like or %2B1 your posts it will not only share the post but the video and images with that post. Making it easier to share your content all over the different social networks.
  • Tumblr - Better support for the new Tumblr customize menu
  • Minor updates and fixes

Calidor 1.0.2 | 09.20.2011

  • Now hides the source if it is the same value as the reblog
  • Fixed the issue with post credits not displaying

Calidor 1.0.1 | 09.19.2011

  • New option to display post notes & tags at the bottom
  • Fixed Answer posts

Calidor 1.0.0 | 09.15.2011

The first version of Calidor has been submitted to Tumblr.